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"Having a Music Therapist/Doula at my daughter's birth was the best thing I could have done!  My husband and I felt so much more comfortable having someone there who we trusted to advocate for us, and the music helped me immensely!" 
           1st time mom - Chicago
What is a Doula?
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"We are grateful to have worked with (you) to select music to assist with relaxation throughout the birth process.  The music provided a positive focus and made the birth of our son more memorable."
           1st time mom - Appleton
"I felt more in control - the room seemed less chaotic.  I felt I could breath through contractons better.  I believe that by keeping calm and in control gave my husband the time and confidence to be more supportive to me." 
           2nd time mom - Green Lake
About Me
"I wanted to thank you for everything that you did for me.  Well, for us.  You were such a strong support system for me at a time when I really needed someone.  I know that if you hadn't been there things would have turned out a lot differently.  You made my labor possible and bearable without anything and because of that I had a wide awake baby, that didn't have any side effects from drugs.  Thank you so much, you were a godsend."
            3rd time mom - Neenah
"You helped me through the birth process as much as you helped my wife.  I am very thankful that you were there."
          1st time dad - Neenah
"How can you thank someone for helping you make your biggest dream come ture?  At first we were a bit skeptical that music could overcome, or help us overcome pain but we are converted.  This was truly one of the better decisions we've made in our lives.  Thank you for being the miracle that helped deliver ours!"
              1st time mom - Neenah
"It was much more positive (the birth) than the first time.  I am happy with the way it went."
        2nd time mom - Fond du Lac