Services Provided
Doula/Labor Music Therapy Services

*  1 free consultation
*  3 prenatal visits in your home
*  Assistance with writing your birth plan
Optional: Music selection for birth
*  Practice relaxation exercises
*  Labor and birth rehearsal
*  Telephone/email support throughout your pregnancy
*  Support during your birth experience (at home and at
  birth place)
*  Breastfeeding Support
*  1 postpartum follow up visit in your home
 (within 2 weeks of the birth)
*  24 hour on-call backup Doula is available
Birth Music Consultation:
I can also help you at a two hour in-home session:

Select music from your collection that is right for you
    and your birth
 *  Make recommendations for new music for birth
 *  Explain to you the science of using music as audio  
 *  Teach you how to sequence it, organize it, and when to play
     it during labor and birth.
 *  Help you practice relaxation exercises with music
 *  Show you how different music helps you during the
    various stages of labor and birth
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